"To stay is to exist ... To travel is to live"

Gustave Nadaud

here is


You may be wondering (or not elsewhere) that is behind the extension name "Windows On The World".

Quite simply, we: Joana & Eric and our (finally our) combi (s)!


Lovers of travel, and need a big break, we jumped in June 2015.

In short: took a plane ticket to Canada, returned our apartment, sold our stuff (except our old vehicles) and bracketed our architectural activities.

The idea: to leave Marseille from where we are, to buy a van in Quebec and to go first to North America.


An adventure of a year and a half to discover the country of Caribous and that of Uncle Sam, through more than 77 000 Kms.

Randos, bivouacs, wild animals, crazy landscapes, ... meetings and some galleys later we became addict to this way of life.

An obsession with travel and discovery that pushes us to want to see more and more through the windows of our vans (where, you'll understand "DesFenêtresSurLeonde")

The trip is undoubtedly a fabulous opening to the world, impossible now for us, to start the reverse ...

A world that we chose to explore aboard our wheeled house, because yes, with us, there is often a story of old cars in the middle of all this, and then what better as a symbol of freedom!


The idea of the blog, present from the beginning, remained unresolved. But here we are finally, and we wish that DFSLM is above all a space of sharing.

A space that through the story of our adventures and anecdotes will give you may want to discover what is happening more or less far from home, or simply allow you to take a bit off with us, at the turn of a few photos .

An exchange of tips, and good plans (results often related to a lot of galleys), here is what you find here!


Traveling to discover and discover, share, take the time to observe, contemplate, ...

Well, we ship you ?!

Joana & Eric

out and about…





Architect training, passionate about travel, hiking and photography, every morning is the first to be lifted to quickly discover what the day holds. She likes to be far from everything, alone in the middle of nowhere ...

Adventure adventurer, she always wants to see more and go further!




He is also an architect, passionate about travel, mountain biking and old mechanics, he likes to repair everything that is broken. With the combi he does not miss a job!

It's also a little geek of the band, in short a kind of mini MacGyver. Very practical on the road!



  • Year 1984
  • Origin: California, USA
  • Purchased near Montreal, Canada
  • Engine: 1.9L petrol
  • Westfalia landscaping
  • Color: VW LH8B

Our small home based in Canada that allows us to discover the Americas and much more we hope ...



  • Year 1978
  • Origin: Marseille, France
  • Engine: 1.6L petrol
  • Bus 8 places of origin with system click-clac
  • End of restoration in 2017
  • Top color: white VW L90D
  • Customized bottom color: we are often asked the question

It has already accumulated several thousand kilometers in the South.

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