Since the time that you asked us and that we thought about it, here we are, we finally offer you some of our pictures on the shop !

In 2019, we launched the DFSLM calendar who were really close to our hearts and drawn the "Popo" sticker so that our faithful racing car (#MaisonOnRoues) continues to travel with you. 

Today, we are happy and intimidated to unveil a first selection of unique moments that we have captured on the road. A first selection which will have to evolve and be renewed.

Here, we want to offer you more than pretty pictures. As you know, for us, each photo represents a memory, stories that we have told you and that we take pleasure in sharing with you. Frozen moments of a great adventure, landscapes and encounters dear to our hearts, moments of escape, which we hope will make you travel. 

For each photo, you will find its story below ...



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